How Much CBD Can You Expect From Hemp Plants Per Acre?

Growing hemp for CBD has become one of the hemp industry's biggest attractions. CBD hemp plants need a lot of space to grow, and the amount of CBD per acre of hemp you can expect from your next harvest will depend on the strain. To determine how much CBD per acre of hemp you can expect, first determine how much CBD is in the flower mass of a plant by taking the weight of the flower mass and dividing it by 10%, the percentage of CBD found in the flowers. Weeding can be a special problem with hemp, since it has to be grown in rows or with a hoe, which requires ample space to move.

Making sure you have quality feminized hemp seeds from the start also helps ensure that your final harvest is high in CBD. Providing a low-stress environment for hemp is a crucial step in keeping CBD levels high and THC levels low. When hemp plants grow in stressful environments, they can produce THC as a way to protect themselves from a stressful situation. If there isn't enough space between the plants when planted, the plants will be too cluttered to produce abundant CBD flowers.

Knowing the genetics of your plant well will help you decide how much space you should provide to each of your hemp seeds with CBD. Once you have this number, take the amount of CBD per flower and multiply it by the number of plants per acre. Federal regulations governing compliant hemp crops can be overwhelming, but there are ways to control THC peaks in your hemp crops while keeping CBD levels high.

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