Is Hemp a Superfood? The Benefits of Eating Hemp Seeds

Many people consider hemp seeds to be a superfood, and for good reason. With an almost perfect balance of omega 3 and omega 6, in addition to iron, vitamin E and all the essential amino acids, hemp seeds are said to be the most complete source of food in the world from a nutritional point of view. Studies have shown that giving hemp seed oil to people with eczema can improve blood levels of essential fatty acids. Eating hemp seeds with the shell intact gives you much more of the good stuff, with 9 grams of fiber in 3 tablespoons of whole, roasted hemp seeds.

Studies show that the high concentration of fatty acids in hemp oil can help relieve dry and itchy skin in people with eczema. A study published in the journal Food Chemistry found that hemp seed extract has antioxidant effects in laboratory tests. Some research has suggested links between hemp seeds and health benefits, but these studies tend to use extracts with high concentrations. Hemp seed is one of the few plant-based protein sources containing all 9 essential amino acids.

Hemp hearts are considered a complete source of protein, since they have all 20 amino acids, 9 essential and 2 semi-essential amino acids. This also affected the cultivation of industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa) and marijuana (Cannabis Indica). However, this legislation has not yet allowed the large-scale production of industrial hemp products of domestic origin of any kind. Overall, there is no doubt that hemp is a superfood.

With so many nutritional benefits of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins, it's hard to doubt their validity. Hemp has an outstanding nutritional profile, which many argue is enough to make it a superfood. Throughout history, hemp has proven to be a vital resource, especially for the new immigrants who colonized North America. And with potential health benefits ranging from a healthier heart to clearer skin, hemp seed is the favorite dietary food you didn't know you needed.

Kelli Prellwitz
Kelli Prellwitz

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