What is the Percentage of THC in Vape?

Vaping cartridges with live resin extract are not as potent as distillate cartridges. The THC percentage of the resin is usually around 45-50%, while distillate can reach up to 85-90%. However, due to the entourage effect, it is not always wise to choose cannabis based on THC levels alone. Some people describe a flower-based high as a full-bodied sensation, while others report dreamy brain effects.

Most pre-rolls contain between 20-30% THC, and other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN are also obtained. The entourage effect amplifies the effects of THC, so an experienced recreational user may need 30 mg per session to achieve the desired result, while a medical patient may only need 5-10 mg. A vaporizer containing 0.5 g of THC oil with a concentration of 80% (400 mg of THC) will provide 4 mg of THC per puff. The percentage of THC in herb ranges from 10-30%, with an average of 20%.

When shopping at a dispensary, you'll likely find products with 10% THC content, which can be offset by a higher percentage of CBD. To determine the total THC content, multiply the size of the vaporizer cartridge by the percentage of power. Extraction methods concentrate the percentage of THC, but usually result in an average of 65-95%. This means that a full cannabis cartridge can be sold at a larger volume, even though it contains lower levels of THC due to other chemicals reducing it.

Traces of metals and batteries may be found in THC oil, and they should be taken into account when considering how they may affect the THC content of a vaporizer. The amount of THC per product can be divided by the average retail price to determine the cost per mg of THC.

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